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  According to Taiwan, "Wang reported that" 11 reported that the latest version of the NDAA , the Taiwan-related part including the bill 1260B , 1260C and 1260D total of 3 strips, covering the themes of network security, "Taiwan Relations Act" to assess and strengthen US-Taiwan defense relations. In terms of "network security cooperation", the United States Congress requires the Secretary of Defense to submit a report to the Congressional Military Committee within 180 days after the bill is enacted , including the establishment of a high-level cross-ministerial US-Taiwan working group to address emerging cybersecurity issues and discuss the US-Taiwan network. Current and future plans for security activities and the establishment, implementation or implementation of network security agreements. At the same time, Congress requested that the US Secretary of Defense, after coordinating with the Secretary of State, review the following matters, including whether the People ’s Republic of China affects Taiwan ’s security through military, economic, information, digital, diplomatic or any other form of “oppression”; "Promote exchanges between senior U.S. and Taiwan defense officials and generals, and continue to send warships across the Taiwan Strait as normal. In addition, the United States should ensure that Taiwan maintains sufficient self-defense capabilities through arms sales and provide it with the opportunity to participate in actual combat and military exercises., usdt deposit network.